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"You will not get in here!" (2 Samuel 5 & 1 Chronicles 11)

Updated: May 9, 2023

In 2 Samuel 5 and 1 Chronicles 11, we see the plans of God take shape as David becomes king. After ruling from Hebron for seven and a half years, David and the all of the Israelites march to Jerusalem to take it by force. When David and his armies arrived at the outskirts of Zion, the Jebusites taunted him, saying “You will not get in here.” And yet David did get in there. He captured Zion, built up Jerusalem, and the rest is history. Here David faced great odds but was undaunted for he knew that God was with him and would make him successful.

In our lives, God has many plans for us. Some are simple and easy to imagine being fulfilled, but at other times, God puts us on a path where we face opposition from others, and just like David, we may find ourselves face-to-face with someone who tells us “You will not get in here.” But if it’s God’s will that we get in, we will surely get in. Don’t let the Jebusites of the world discourage you. We serve an unstoppable and almighty God, and as long as we are on the path He has set out for us, we cannot be stopped.

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