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The Importance of Wise and Godly Council: Lessons from 2 Chronicles 24

Have you ever experienced the power of good advice? The kind that comes from someone wise and godly, who guides you in making the right choices? The Bible often emphasizes the significance of seeking counsel from those who possess knowledge and understanding. In 2 Chronicles 24, we witness the consequences of both heeding and neglecting such counsel. This chapter not only provides a fascinating historical account but also teaches us valuable lessons about the importance of maintaining wise and godly council in our lives.

In the first part of the chapter, 2 Chronicles 24:1-16, we find the young King Joash, who ascended to the throne at the tender age of seven. Under the guidance of the high priest Jehoiada, who acted as his mentor and advisor, Joash reigned with wisdom and righteousness. Jehoiada played a pivotal role in Joash's life, ensuring that he followed the ways of the Lord and made decisions that honored God. Together, they initiated the repair of the temple, which had fallen into disrepair due to previous neglect. Joash encouraged the people to give generously for this cause, and the restoration was successfully completed. During Jehoiada's lifetime, Joash maintained a righteous rule, and the land prospered.

However, the narrative takes a dark turn in 2 Chronicles 24:17-27 after Jehoiada's death. With the loss of his wise and godly counselor, Joash's heart turned away from the Lord. Influenced by the corrupt officials of the land, he abandoned the temple and began worshipping idols. His actions provoked the anger of God, and despite the warnings and pleas of the prophets sent by the Lord, Joash did not turn from his evil ways. The consequences were severe. The nation was plagued by invasion, defeat, and bloodshed. It became evident that without wise and godly counsel, Joash's decisions led to disaster, both for himself and his people.

The story of Joash teaches us an important lesson about the significance of having wise and godly council in our lives. As long as Jehoiada was around, Joash made the right choices and the nation thrived. However, once he lost that crucial guidance, he quickly veered off the path of righteousness. Joash's downfall demonstrates the immense influence of our advisors and mentors on the course of our lives. When we surround ourselves with wise and godly individuals, their guidance can help us navigate through difficult decisions, avoid pitfalls, and keep us on the path of righteousness.

This principle is equally applicable to our lives today. We must ensure that we have wise and godly council around us. Seeking guidance from those who possess knowledge, understanding, and a firm foundation in God's Word is crucial for our spiritual growth and personal development. These individuals can offer us valuable perspectives, help us discern God's will, and keep us accountable in our actions. By listening to their advice and incorporating it into our lives, we can avoid the pitfalls that come from making decisions solely based on our limited understanding.

In conclusion, the story of Joash in 2 Chronicles 24 reminds us of the importance of maintaining wise and godly council in our lives. Joash's positive trajectory came to a halt and the nation suffered once he lost the guidance of his advisor, Jehoiada. This narrative teaches us the significance of seeking counsel from individuals who possess wisdom and godly insight. By heeding their advice, we can make wiser decisions, honor God, and avoid the consequences that come from neglecting their counsel. Let us strive to surround ourselves with wise and godly mentors who can guide us on the right path and contribute to our personal and spiritual growth.

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