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Kids, Close Your Eyes... (Song of Solomon)

Song of Solomon, a captivating book in the Bible, delves into the themes of love, desire, and the beauty of a committed relationship. Today’s discussion aims to explore the essence of Song of Solomon, highlighting its message regarding the purity of sex within the context of marriage, the celebration of pleasing qualities in lovers, and the reinforcement of the importance of keeping sex within the institution of marriage. To provide a contemporary perspective, we will also present modern-day examples that resonate with the timeless wisdom found within this ancient text.

Song of Solomon is a poetic narrative that revolves around the passionate love between two individuals. It takes us on a journey through their courtship, expressions of affection, and their profound desire for one another. This book stands out among the other biblical texts for its emphasis on human love, sensuality, and the celebration of the physical aspects of a romantic relationship.

Song of Solomon reveals that sex within the sacred bond of marriage is not tainted or impure. It portrays intimacy between the lovers as a beautiful and natural expression of their love, devoid of shame or guilt. This book offers a positive and affirming view of sexual intimacy, emphasizing its significance within the committed relationship of marriage. It shows us that a married couple can enjoy physical intimacy that is not regarded as dirty or sinful but rather as a sacred act of love and connection, fostering emotional intimacy and strengthening their bond.

This book also celebrates not only the physical attraction between the lovers, but their inner qualities and personalities. Solomon emphasizes the value of qualities such as kindness, tenderness, and respect within a loving relationship. It recognizes the beauty of a holistic connection that extends beyond the physical realm. In today's world, we can witness couples in a God honoring marriage bond who appreciate and honor each other's unique qualities. They value not only the physical attractiveness but also the character traits that make their partner special, such as intelligence, humor, compassion, and integrity.

In verse 12 of chapter 4, the book highlights the sanctity of the marital bond, stating, "A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed." This verse symbolizes the need to protect and preserve the intimacy shared within the confines of marriage. It emphasizes the exclusivity and privacy of the physical relationship, highlighting its special nature. Additionally, Song of Solomon 2:7 and 3:5 emphasize the importance of refraining from engaging in sexual intimacy outside the institution of marriage. These verses serve as a reminder that sex is meant to be a sacred expression of love reserved for the commitment and covenant of marriage.

Song of Solomon, with its profound depiction of love, desire, and the sanctity of marriage, offers valuable insights that resonate across time and cultures. It celebrates the purity of sexual intimacy within the context of marriage, honors the qualities that make each partner unique, and reinforces the importance of keeping sex within the boundaries of the marital institution. By exploring these themes, we can glean wisdom from this ancient text and apply it to our modern lives, nurturing healthy, loving, God-honoring relationships that stand the test of time.

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