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Do the Work (1 Chronicles 28)

Many of us associate Solomon with the grandeur and construction of the first Temple, and rightfully so. However, it's essential to recognize that he didn't accomplish this monumental task on his own. In fact, numerous chapters in 1 Chronicles shed light on how David played a significant role in the planning and organization of the Temple's construction. This serves as a reminder that God's plans often unfold gradually over extended periods of time. When it's our turn to participate in His plans, we must be prepared to put in the necessary effort and work.

In 1 Chronicles 28:1-3, we encounter a pivotal moment in David's life. He had nurtured a deep desire to build the temple, envisioning it as a testament to his devotion to God. However, God revealed to David that it would not be his task to complete. Despite the disappointment, David responded with humility and acceptance of God's redirection. This response provides us with a valuable lesson. At times, our own dreams and aspirations may not align with God's purposes. When such situations arise, we should follow David's example by embracing humility and trust in God's greater plan.

Continuing in 1 Chronicles 28:4-7, we witness David's acknowledgment of God's blessings upon him and his family. Even though he wasn't the one chosen to build the Temple, David recognized that God's favor and goodness had been bestowed upon him in numerous ways. This serves as a valuable reminder for us when our plans are altered or redirected by God. In such moments, it's crucial to acknowledge and appreciate the blessings we have received, understanding that God's plan is ultimately for our good.

In 1 Chronicles 28:8-21, David lays a firm foundation for Solomon's future role as the Temple builder. In addition to providing guidance and instructions, David imparts an important message to his son. He encourages Solomon to be strong and courageous, and he tells him to “do the work.” This message resonates with us today in our own walk with God. We need to recognize the groundwork that has already been laid for our specific situations and circumstances. Following David's advice, we are called to display strength, and courage, and we also need to step up and “do the work.”

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