Thank you for coming to our website.  As you can see, we are Community Bible Church, a non-denominational church here in Glendive.  We strive to learn the word of God and apply it to our lives as we believe it is God’s inspired instruction guide to life and godliness.   We invite you to join us at our various gatherings and hope you will become part of our Community.

  • Please spend some time looking around at our webpage explaining the services and ministries you may wish to join.

  • Our Sermons page has several of the latest sermons that we have recorded.

  • The Ministries page has several ministries in the area that our members support.

  • We also have several announcements and upcoming events to keep you updated.

  • The “About Us” page explains a little about what we believe.

  Ultimately though, we hope that you have already, or will in the coming days have a relationship with our Father God.  As this relationship with God has been broken since Adam and Eve sinned, we wish to show how each individual person can  mend this relationship through God’s Son Jesus and his death on the cross.  Please ask us more about this as it is the most important decision you can make.